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Auto Import from the USA

CFR Line is the leading auto export company from the USA. We specialize in shipping cars from all major ports in the USA, and we offer automobile shipping by container and by Roll-on-Roll-off service (Ro-Ro), and also domestic inland car trucking service. Every month we ship more than 5000 cars to hundreds of destinations around world.

Car Transport in the USA

CFR Line is one of leading domestic car trucking companies in the USA. Our own domestic car trucking department organizes the trucking of thousands of cars every month from any point to any point in the USA. With our large network of trusted and reliable truckers, we can generally pick up a car anywhere in the USA within 2-3 days, in most cases within 24 hours after getting the order from our clients. This service allows our clients from anywhere in the world to send orders to CFR Line USA to have their cars picked up from dealerships, private sellers, or their residences and delivered to one of our port terminals for shipping overseas.

Shipping Rates

CFR Line has very competitive rates for the domestic transport within in the US and the overseas car shipping from the US to anywhere in the world. We regularly check our rates to make sure they are up-to-date and competitive. We hope we can assist you today with your shipping needs. Simply fill out the Quick Quote Form on this page, and one of our professional customer service representatives will contact you with a complete car shpping rate.